In the multi-component injection moulding we manufacture parts with up to 3 components. Thereby, we create either multi-coloured plastic items or moulded parts comprised of hard-soft combinations. For the production of hard-soft combinations, we select the materials depending on the function and purpose of the moulded part. Technical, thermoplastic plastics (hard component) are joined with thermoplastic elastomers (soft component). In addition, we offer the option to manufacture of hard-hard combinations and perform assembly injection moulding. Aesthetic design plays an essential role in the production of consumer goods. Therefore, we use the multi-component injection moulding to produce parts with same plastic but in different colours.

Multi-component parts:

  • Parts with up to 3 components
  • various colours
  • Hard-soft combinations
  • Hard-hard combinations
  • Hard components: technical, thermoplastic materials
  • Soft components: thermoplastic elastomers
  • Assembly injection moulding
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